Patiya Central Buddhist Monastery & Welfare Complex

Patiya Central Buddhist Monastery and Welfare Complex" is an institution of practicing Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist culture and it is located in Patiya municipal headquarters of Chattogram district, Bangladesh.
  • 2nd January 2021Primary form of establishment

    In 1997, some devout persons residing in Patiya Municipal Headquarters took initiative to establish a monastery. Later, in 1999/2000 they bought 5227 Square Feet of land and built a monastery with a tin shed. See More
  • 21st March 2021Nalanda general educational class

    To teach about Buddhism to the children of the Buddhist culture, tradition and society. To teach general subjects (national curriculum books) without any payment for the children of all religions who are orphan, needy and backward and to provide them all educational instruments without money)
  • 10th June 2021Patiya Central Buddhist

    Monastery & Welfare Complex is an institution of practicing Buddhist culture, tradition and civilization..To establish a meditation center to promote meditation and a preaching center to preach the people. 1. To establish a religious educational center to teach about Buddhism to the children of the Buddhist society. 2. To establish general education, an education center is established where any payment is not needed for the children of all religions especially who are orphan, needy and backward and try to provide them all educational instruments without money. 3. To establish a library for full time study about religion, history, culture and science etc. 4. To establish a Monk’s training center because there is no any Monk’s training center at all for which we have to suffer a lot.

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December 31, 2022

Venerable Dr. Sanghapriya Mahathero, happy 61st birthday!

~~~~~~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~~~~~~~ Today is the birthday of my Dhamma Teacher, His Holiness most Venerable Dr. Sanghapriya Mahathero, Secretary General of the Supreme Sangha Council of Bangladesh […]

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Our Testimonials

  • In the formation of religion, society and nation, wise men have given light of knowledge in the ages, so the human race is beautiful and successful. People must come forward in the work of humanity. It is not possible to transform a nation, society and religion into a paradise without human beings. Only the good mentality of every human being can fill this earth with heaven. In that continuity, the website that Patiya Central Buddhist Monastery Welfare Complex is going to launch for the next generation in a view to informing to the modern world is really a very commendable and welfare work. I congratulate them on their blissful Karma.
    H.H. Ven. Dr. Jaynasree Mahathero
    The 13th Supreme Patriarch
    The Supreme Sangha Council of Bangladesh.
  • The present world is the age of science and technology.  Everyone has to accept this word.  We are trying to change our way of life through technology.  It's not like that, but technology is changing us.  In this age of technology, Bangladesh is also moving forward keeping pace with the world.  I am happy to hear that Patiya Central Buddhist Monastery & Welfare Complex has decided to open a website under the initiative of the Monastery.  I wish them on their progress and prosperity. May all beings be happy.
    Ven. Shasanapriya Mahathero
    Deputy Sangharaj
    Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha.
  • Patiya Central Buddhist Monastery and Welfare Complex is a unique example of a Buddhist civilization. With the development of civilization, the Buddhist monuments of the past are disappearing day by day from the Buddhist monasteries. Patiya Central Buddhist Monastery is playing an extraordinary role in holding on to it. All the welfare activities of this monastery are being appreciated at home and abroad. Congratulations to the website that is being launched today in the name of this monastery and best wishes from Dhammakaya Temple & MAK! Foundation, Thailand.
    Phra H. Mahipal Tharo
    Bangladeshi representative of

The Biographies of our Precursors and our Advisors


Dr. Sanghapriya Mahathero

Dr. Sanghapriya Mahathero is an extraordinary Buddhist monk who lives an ordinary life. At the time of youth he has voluntarily accepted the great vow of renunciation by restraining all material desires and remoteness of life. See More

Buddha Shabak Bhikkhu

Every human being has the hand of some great person behind growing up. Similarly, the contribution of Buddha Shabak Bhikkhu’s maternal uncle revered late Priyashil Mahathero (Prominent Buddhist Monk) is very memerable in the struggle for the life of him. See More
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